Q: What should I expect from a session with Lindsay McManus Photographer?

A: Each session is different, however all sessions include a Design Session, Photography Session, and Private Ordering Appointment. In the Design Session we cover everything from clothing choice, the products you like best, and designing the session around your family. This will typically take place a couple weeks before the Photography Session. One to two weeks after the session you come back in the studio for your Private Ordering Appointment. We are there to help you narrow the images down and choose for the products we designed around in the Design Session. After you’ve placed your order, turn around is around 4 to 6 weeks.

Q: Do I get the images on a CD?

A: Technology is difficult to keep up with over time as it is always changing. This is why we strongly believe in printed portraits. If you want to purchase digital images we offer Memory Boxes. They include 5x7 reference prints and edited digital images with a print release on a USB.

Q: How much should I expect to invest?

A: Our families choose us because they want to invest in the future of their children. We specialize in heirloom portraiture to pass down through generations using professional print labs and archival products. On average most families spend $750 and up. We also offer flexible custom payment plans.

Maternity and Newborn

Q: When should I have my maternity session?

A: We like to photograph expecting mothers between 20 and 30 weeks. This way you definitely have a cute little bump, but aren’t at the point that you are uncomfortable.

Q: I’m expecting. When should I contact you about my newborn session?

A: We try to be as flexible as possible with our newborns as they are usually the ones to decide when they would like to make their grand entrance into the world. With that being said we reserve a couple days near your due date, so the earlier you let us know that you would like a newborn session the better. We photograph newborns within their first two weeks. This is when they sleep the deepest and the session goes much more smoothly.

Children and Family

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: First off, please make sure that you bring your children! ☺ Your child may work up an appetite, so bring colorless snacks such as puffs or cheerios for them to snack on. If a certain toy comforts your child be sure to it along.

Q: What should we wear?

A: We will cover clothing in depth with you at your Design Session, as we will customize your session to your style at home.

Q: We have a family pet. Can we bring them to our family session?

A: Of course! We understand pets are family members too. They are welcome to our pet friendly studio.